How to block IP addresses manually

PPCsafe detects repetitive clicks on your paid ads, and provides you with the IP addresses these fraudulent clicks came from. PPCsafe can automatically block offending IP addresses in your AdWords account. These instructions show how to do this by yourself should you wish to do so.

By blocking the offending IP addresses, you can stop your ads from showing to those IP addresses.

Here is how to block the IP addresses: Open your AdWords account. Follow the Blue arrows:

BlockingIP-Adwords-1 Next you will see this page: BlockingIP-Adwords-2 Then continue with this page:


Please keep in mind, according to Google AdWord documentation:

IP exclusions are not available for the following campaign types:
“Search Network with Display Select – Standard”
“Search Network only – Standard”
“Display Network only � Standard”
“Display Network only � Ads in mobile apps”