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Beat PPC Fraud: Our PPC Safe Tool is One of The Best Click Fraud Tools Ever!

Here’s a bird’s eye view of what our PPCsafe Click Fraud Tool can do for your online business:

  • Automatically detects and prevents expensive fraudulent clicks in Google AdWords and Bing campaigns.
  • Uses the latest industry-strength algorithms to detect and prevent click fraud.
  • You’ll enjoy frequent monitoring and availability of your landing pages.
  • You’ll have access to round the clock support in case you come across a challenge.
  • Automatically blocks malicious IP addresses.
  • Our tool offers a comprehensive report to help you mitigate fraudulent links.
  • Detects when your website is down and pauses your AdWords and Bing campaigns automatically.
  • Incorporates revenue telephone call data with your click reports to give you a related presentation of your ad clicks and call frequencies.
  • Provides reports including Paid clicks, Organic clicks, Out Of Area clicks and even BOTS and Indexing!

Our services

Click Fraud Prevention

We prevent click fraud by automatically blocking IP addresses determined to be malicious from clicking on your AdWords or Bing Ads campaign.


Click Fraud Recovery

When you use our tool, you’ll get a detailed report of every malicious or offending click ready to submit for a refund. Our reporting system includes reports on blocked IP addresses, clicks originating from

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Site Availability

Our tool also monitors the availability of your landing pages. When your landing page goes offline, we notify you through text and email, and we also pause your PPC campaigns on the affected sites.

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What else we provide?

Global coverage

Our technical support is based in the US, with a multi-lingual team who speak Russian, Spanish, French and English.

Organic Reports

Our tool also measures and reports on your organic search performance. That way you know whether your SEO strategies are working, and if not, where to tweak for better organic traffic performance. There’s only one other company that provides such data.


We are constantly developing and adding features to our product. We are listening to our clients and helping them customize our product to their needs.

PPC Safe

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Why Choose Our Services?

Here are some proprietary features you can access from our tool. These features are not offered by our competitors:
  • Automatically blocking malicious websites using Google’s API.
  • Dual AdWords account linking: You can either use Google’s linking process, or via code snippet that offer more information.
  • Lowest monthly charges in the market.
  • Downloadable PDF reports.
  • Custom tool settings to fit your specific needs.
  • Organic traffic monitoring and reporting.
  • Telephone calls monitoring and reporting.

What our clients say

My business is in the US and Canada…Remote computer tech support. Every click is $2.50 so if the setting is on “if somebody is interested in the geographic location” then you get clicks from countries outside of the us and canada. I would have never figured it out without you guys. Yes you can put a statement on the frontpage. Only 4 clicks a day from the wrong country are a loss of $300 a month…wow! You guys rock!
– Andy Barth

Andy Barth

I’ve used three different PPC blocking services and I’ve found a home at PPC-Pal because they flat out provide the best service I’ve found in not only their industry but service businesses across the board. Think Four Seasons or Zappo’s level customer service and you’re on the right track. Anyone who’s been in the PPC game long enough knows that Google is constantly changing and those changes aren’t always in your favor. This is a company that keeps up with the changes, is constantly improving their product and always keeps you in the loop. Great product, great service and if you’re at the point where you’re deciding which company to choose I’ll tell you right now you’re silly to go anywhere else.
– Joe LaBarre

Joe LaBarre

I am very pleased with PPCsafe, it definitely works! Not long after installing it I received an email alert and SMS notifying me that PPCsafe detected 5 clicks from the same source in less than an hour. I then implemented the automatic IP blocker feature and stopped getting clicks from that IP! PPCsafe is a MUST for every Pay Per Click user! – BH Jr

BH Jr Developer@yahoo.com

If you’re buying Adwords then you need this service. After 2 years of Google telling me that their “system” was catching click fraud from my competition I finally invested in a third party service and what an eye-opener. My first click fraud investigation using PPC-Pal resulted in a $1700 credit. Not bad for a $30/month investment. Have another investigation going because of the info they were able to capture and point out and can’t wait to find out the results. Tremendous product, even better service. I’m a customer for life.
– Jonny’s Towing & Recovery Inc, Lombard, IL

Jonny’s Towing & Recovery Inc CEO@google.com

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