PPCSafe for Small Business

Your small business depends on customers finding you, and AdWords does this.

For some businesses, almost all of their customers come through AdWords.

So, you have to have AdWords campaigns that put your company out in front of the marketplace.

But, that is where your competitors can find you. With just a few clicks a day, they can use up your daily budget.

Then, real customers can't see your ads, and they don't come to you any more that day.

We can help. When repeat clicks come in from the same computer address ("IP address"), we tell AdWords to stop showing your ads to that address within seconds. Some of our customers were getting up to 100 clicks over 30 minutes before starting our service.

Sometimes, Google detected these as fraudulent and did not charge our customers. But, not infrequently, Google did not count these as fraudulent, and the cost at $10-15 per click was high.

We recommend blocking IP addresses after the second PPC (paid) click comes in from the same IP address. Using this criterion, every one of our customers has had IP addresses blocked within a week of starting our service. One of our customers, who runs a high-volume campaign in a major US city, is subject to "click storms" in which clicks come in so rapidly from the same IP address that the AdWords channel we use to block IP addresses cannot keep up with our notifications. That is the same customer whose web log showed, before starting our service, up to 100 clicks over 30 minutes several times in the month we analyzed for him. You get to pick how many paid clicks to allow from an IP address, but this gives you an idea of the challenges that can present themselves.

There are a number of companies that offer the same service we do. Look around and see what fits best. But, if you have an active AdWords campaign, you'll likely want to engage one of us.